Colorado Investment Property in 2015

Investment  property in Colorado this year was similar to being on a roller coaster after a large meal. Sometimes their was excitement and hope and then the next thing you know your barfing all over the people next to you worrying about how your going to find your way off the ride. Transitions in the market like this have always been the place where  many investors, wholesalers and lenders throw in the towel and get a 9 to 5. Not us my friend, for we know this is the place warriors are made. So might I say to the new year 2015 and beyond, dig in your heals , lift your sword and get ready for battle.

Bloodshed and Real Estate Investing may not seem like they go hand and hand in a buyers market, my fortune cookie will read    “when the low hanging fruit is done being picked only he who has nice ladder may pick fruit”  So what does that mean for us willing to fight it out? Get a nice ladder to go pick your fruit.

I’m being serious , good real estate deals and property  leads are not easy to find any more and you need skills and niches to act as a ladder to get the hard to pick fruit. I know what your thinking, my lifestyle of the 5 hour work week, what will happen to me ? I might as well get a 9 to 5.  My answer to this is yes at first you may have to put in some hours to learn some new skills but once you get it working for you time will be yours again.

Where do I start? Well this will require some thought and use of your brain. So sit down to coffee or whatever you drink and begin to meditate and write down all the avenues you know or have heard about to get good property investment leads from, then start to write down different ways to approach them and how to bring new targets out of existing target lead groups. You need to expand your mind  and get creative with your marketing and lead sources.  After you find a good lead source or niche outsource to a VA or employee with your system to free up time for the next.

 Finally, find a good property wholesaler like The House Ninjas to supplement your deal sources while you work on honing your skills.We provide several investment property deals to the same clients every month, every niche will get you a few deals so the more you have the better off your investing success in Denver Colorado will be.

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